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Make a positive change in your life. Therapy can help with many problems including: anxiety, blushing, depression, stress, panic attacks, shyness, relationships, relaxation, quitting smoking, sport, study problems, weight loss and stopping worrying.

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My name is Dr. John Plowman. I am a hypnotherapist based in South Wales with a private practice in Newport, Gwent and a clinic in Cardiff. I help people deal with many different problems through hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling.

I treat a lot people with anxiety and depression and also handle blushing, shyness and problems with presentations. I help people to control their drinking and smokers who wish to become non-smokers. I can help people reach their true potential in sport, improve their relationships or successfully lose weight.

I am one of the leading specialists in the field of Past Life Regression (PLR) and have lectured to international congresses on PLR.

In addition to my clinics in Newport and Cardiff, I have written books on stopping smoking, relationships and hypnotherapy which are available to download.

So take a look around and find out how hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling could help you. If you wish to book a session or have any questions then please contact me.

Thanks and take care! JOHN PLOWMAN

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