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Dr. John Plowman

Still struggling to stop smoking even with the 'work place' and social No Smoking Legislation? Then let Hypnotherapy help you stop.

My name is Dr. John Plowman. I am a hypnotherapist based in South Wales, with a private practice in Preston Avenue, Newport, and a clinic in Cardiff. I help people deal with many different problems through hypnosis but I do have my specialities.

In particular, I treat a lot of smokers who wish to become non-smokers. I also help people to control their drinking or reach their true potential in the sport that they pursue, professionally or otherwise. I also handle shyness, blushing, problems with presentations in business or as a teacher, student, etc.

I am also one of the leading specialists in the field of Past Life Regression (PLR) and have lectured to international congresses on PLR. Also I deal with a vast array of other problems. In addition to my clinics to help people, I have written a book on stopping smoking and a book about hypnotherapy: both are available to download free from this web site.
using hypnosis to stop smoking Facts and Myths in Hypnotherapy.

So why don't you have a look around this site (Use the navigation bar at the top of each page) and then contact me either via email or by the on-line form (you can give me a bit of background if you like, leave me your number and I'll give you a call back), or alternatively, call me on 01633 211586 (Private Practice Newport) or 01633 673233 (Cardiff Clinic bookings) or 0789 6060286 (mobile).

Fees: Standard is 40 in Newport and Cardiff for each session of therapy which will normally last for one hour, a Past Life Regression is also 40. It is 80 in Cardiff or Newport, for the treatment "Becoming a non-smoker", this comprises a session of one and a half hours, a cd of the session and a 30 minute follow up session (60 each for shared sessions).

If you would like to find out what is in the news at the moment about hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or Past Life Regression then please click this link to 'Search Yahoo News'

Thanks and take care! JOHN PLOWMAN