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Hypnotherapy Newport. Dr John Plowman

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My name is Dr. John Plowman. I am a hypnotherapist based in South Wales, with a private practice in Preston Avenue, Newport, and a clinic in Cardiff. I help people deal with many different problems through hypnosis but I do have my specialities.

In particular, I treat a lot of smokers who wish to become non-smokers. I also help people to control their drinking or reach their true potential in the sport that they pursue, professionally or otherwise. I also handle shyness, blushing, problems with presentations in business or as a teacher, student, etc.

I am also one of the leading specialists in the field of Past Life Regression (PLR) and have lectured to international congresses on PLR. Also I deal with a vast array of other problems. In addition to my clinics to help people, I have written a book on stopping smoking and a book about hypnotherapy: both are available to download.

So why don't you have a look around this site and then contact me either via email or by the on-line form (you can give me a bit of background if you like, leave me your number and I'll give you a call back), or alternatively, call me on 01633 211586 (Private Practice Newport) or 01633 673233 (Cardiff Clinic bookings) or 07587 229163 (mobile).

Fees: Standard is £45 in Newport and Cardiff for each session of therapy which will normally last for one hour, a Past Life Regression is also £45. It is £90 in Cardiff or Newport, for the treatment "Becoming a non-smoker", this comprises a session of one and a half hours, a cd of the session and a 30 minute follow up session (£70 each for shared sessions).

Thanks and take care! JOHN PLOWMAN